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Custom Marketing Plans

For Brokers





We work with you and your producers to identify clients who would benefit from our services.  We customize a marketing campaign and help you execute it with support that fits the level of involvement you want to have.  You can take full control, or we can market for you with regular reporting on results.

Clients that respond to outreach receive a full benefits review.  We're not just looking at their voluntary benefit plans, we take a deeper dive into how those plans interact with and complement other employee plans, how they're communicated and how well they're supported by current carriers and vendors.

Once we understand their needs and talk to carriers, each client receives a custom recommendation that shows what carriers and products we reviewed, the strengths and weaknesses of each, which we recommend and why.  If you like, you can be the one to deliver this as part of your due diligence.

Each enrollment begins with a written plan that clearly defines the education and enrollment methods to be used, services provided, timelines and expectations. 

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We serve clients in all 50 states, PR and Guam


Broker Testimonials
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Mike and his entire VB Shop Team are incredibly responsive to our needs and the needs of our clients. They are proactive in providing materials that, while very thorough, are presented in an easy to understand format. Since we have clients throughout the US The VB Shop provides access to carriers that meet various state regulatory requirements. We continually receive kudos for recommending The VB Shop for their enrollment teams and services after enrollment which, for us as Broker, means everything.

Stephen M. Thaler, MBA, CLU®, AEP®
Health and Benefits
Willis Towers Watson


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Mike Walker and his team are amazing! Their knowledge & understanding of the complexities of the “Benefit World” are top-notch. The team is very attentive to not only a broker's needs but also the clients. They put their selves in the other person's shoes and handle each situation as if it affects them personally. I would highly recommend the VB Shop for all.


Joni A. Waldych, CBC
Four Square Benefits


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The VB Shop has been instrumental in our success with respect to voluntary benefits for our clients - everything from going to market, marketing/education pre-enrollment, fulfillment during open enrollment through multiple methods, and post-enrollment servicing. Their benefit counselors have been well-trained and very well-liked, not to mention very professional.
I’ve worked with The VB Shop for many years now and plan to have tons more success in the near future.


Michael Usiak, CVBS, CHVP
Vice President Employee Benefits
Brown & Brown


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