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The Voluntary Benefits Shop Webinar Series

Finding the right benefits plan fit for your business can be an endless journey, and you need some guidance to steer in a worthy direction. With such a nuanced decision, it’s time to ask the experts. The Voluntary Benefits Shop is here to support and provide expertise on products and enrollment solutions to employee benefits brokers and employers for employee-funded benefits programs.

Hosted by VB Shop president Mike Walker, our ongoing biweekly webinar series features new and upcoming information so you can stay up to date on all the current health plan offerings. In this episode, we were joined by guests Alan Bergman, Jeff Sepesi, and even more friendly faces from the Truusight team.

Introducing: NEW Hospital Indemnity Plan with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Care Coverage

Provided by the Aflac group in partnership with Truusight Health, a brand new Hospital Indemnity Plan is available. With a focus on Mental Health & Substance Abuse Care, in this episode of the Voluntary Benefits Shop Webinar Series, we dove deep and shared our knowledge of all the ins and outs of the plan. CSO and co-founder of Truusight, Jeff Sepesi, along with NE regional sales director Lorenzo Cutaia walked us through the methodology behind their company’s goals.

The importance of treating mental health issues is more prevalent than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, and employers require new types of insurance plans that cover these issues. In addition, substance abuse throughout the US has skyrocketed since 2020, and only one in ten people with substance use disorder (SUD) receive care. With such a large percentage of the workforce suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders, many employers are dealing with these rampant problems without being fully aware.

Building a safe foundation within the workforce where employees can come forward and ask for help when needed is something Truusight seeks to aid with its new plan. Making the resources more available and easier to understand for potential patients who may be suffering ensures the entire process is smooth for all parties.

What’s in the Plan?

Truusight is a chronic disease management solution for substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions. This health plan covers when an employee is hospitalized, paying out directly to the policyholder. In some instances, a plan can feature benefits for surgeries and other medical procedures. The cash paid out is not tied to specific expenses and may be used to cover extra bills incurred while the patient recovers.

Truusight comes in as a partner to help detect and diagnose employees and assess risk factors for clients. Providing claims analysis, population-wide screening, and risk stratification, they curate workplace campaigns and integrate an interactive mobile app called Telehealth. With fully-rounded care services, they even have recovery support to drive treatment home.

Take Control of Your Benefits Programs Now

At the VB Shop, we’re here to help you make the swap to a better benefits plan fit for your business and to stay ahead of the ever-changing market.

Contact us now with questions through our website, by phone at 833-888-0277, or by e-mail at

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